10 Reasons Why People Don't Drink

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Many years ago I went out with a friend who ordered sparkling water at dinner. She wasn’t pregnant, she wasn’t sober…she just didn’t feel like having a cocktail.

As an alcoholic in recovery I pretty much assumed that people who didn’t drink were either in recovery also or pregnant. And maybe sometimes a designated driver. “Don’t feel like it” was something I couldn’t understand.

I’m a little older and wiser than I was all those years ago and have spent time with more people who choose not to drink. It still boggles my sober mind a little so I did some research to find out why a smart, grown up person would pass on the alcohol:

  • Sobriety
  • Pregnancy
  • Allergies
  • Religious reasons
  • Whole 30/Dietary
  • Work related
  • Designated Driver
  • Early morning the next day
  • Athlete in training
  • Just don't feel like it

And another interesting tidbit - rumor has it that the Millenials are choosing not to drink more often than not. They are focused on connection, authenticity, and mindfulness - all of which don't mix well with alcohol.

It's our goal here at Marnie Rae to be sure that regardless of your reason for not drinking you're welcome at our parties, at our restaurants, and in our homes:) We'll even have a special soft cocktail just for you.



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