6 Products I'm Loving From Amazon

6 Products I'm Loving From Amazon Marnie Rae

I'm always on Amazon (it's a problem, I know), but I figured I should share all this with you guys since you're my tribe!

Okay, back to business: Amazon, great for small things, great for large things…great for things you forgot to get at the grocery store (guilty)!

Coupe glasses are visually one of my favorites--they are so feminine yet so practical. In my humble opinion, this glass is a great alternative for any beverage that calls for a martini glass. This set of two would be the perfect housewarming gift for any of your friends (or you can keep them for yourself--I won't tell).

Highball glasses are super versatile, from fauxitos (fake mojitos, see what I did there?) to your morning cup of juice this set of six glasses are sure to be stunners in your cabinet. Bonus: this set comes with six stainless steel straws, #savetheturtles!

These Snowfox insulated stainless steel high ball tumblers are best served on a warm summer night and a back patio grill. No, seriously, these tumblers are super light weight and keep your summer drink colder, longer.

I feel like I am always in the market for a bar set that includes shakers, stir spoons, and strainers. These tools are barware staples, even sans alcohol. If you’re in the market for sets (like I always am) then this 4.5 star (with 1.7k reviews) is where it’s at.

Everyone needs  a few of these stemless martini glasses in their collection. They’re super eye catching in a photo (you know since that is important, lol). But really, your guests will love being served in these.

Double old fashion glasses--you could probably find them in your grandparents' home, but you can also find them on Amazon (okay thrift stores too I’m sure but if you’re all for saving time, then just click Add To Cart).

I hope you add a little pizazz to your bar cart or party and if you do, please tell me what you got. Better yet, snap a pic and tag me on Instagram!

-Marnie Rae

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