My Favorite Summer Things

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I know we talk mostly about alcohol-free drinks and inclusivity on my blog but we also sometimes wanna show off other things that are just plain cool--and these are some of my favorite essentials right now whether you're staying home, traveling, or heading to the sand!

Sometimes there's nothing better than staying home and locking yourself there and just being. You know, kinda of just existing. With yourself (or your family). And just enjoying the moment and being present, even if it's not jam packed--in fact, that's kinda the beauty of it all! Snag this cozy robe wrap, whip up a mocktail, and sit on the porch and read, read, read.

Staycation Essentials

If you're traveling then these are totally the essentials. Scarves are good for travel because it can keep you warm if you need it, and I swear by these Coola products--perfect for skin care for on the go!

Travel Essentials

If you're heading to the beach then you have got to check out the Coola tinted moisturizer! Easy, wham bam, throw it on your face and you're good for your outing. And these Reef flip flops are some of my faves.

Beach Essentials

-Marnie Rae

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