7 Glasses I'm Loving From World Market

7 Glasses I'm Loving From World Market..png

Can we talk glassware?

High ball? Collins? Old fashioned? Champagne Saucer? There are so many options! Need help deciding what drink to put in what glass? Drop your email below and we will send you all you need to know on glassware!

One of my favorite stores to gather stemware (and drink accessories too) is from World Market- it’s typically inexpensive (hello coupon codes), great quality, and only about 30 minutes from my house #aslongasidontgetstuckbehindaschoolbus.

May I introduce to you: 7 glasses I’m loving from World Market!

1. Does this not scream farm house--you know Joanna Gaines would have these in her kitchen (click the photo to claim yours!)

2. An updated, modern version of the Moscow Mule Mug…need I say more? The answer is no. (Click on the photo to get one!)

3. Doesn’t everyone want to feel fancy? You know I do! Pinky up with this glass. (Click the photo to indulge in some fancy.)

4. Geometric is definitely a trend and I’m here for it! Don’t you think? (Click the photo to hop on this trend!).

5. Recycled glass— wouldn't my spicy grapefruit margarita look delicious in this?

6. Colored glass is a classic, and one you can find in your grandmother’s china hutch, but if you can’t you know where to find it now (Click the photo if your grandmother sold all of her colored glass on ebay in 1990!).

7. This last one might be one of my all time favorites. The gold rim is simplistic and the bubbled glass allows you to see all of the natural color of your drink of choice. Wouldn’t my Basil Cucumber Cooler look delectable in this glass? (Click the photo to grab yours—the gold rim would be amazing for of your holiday mocktails!).

Hit reply and let me know which one is going on your Christmas wishlist!
-Marnie Rae

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