8 Simple Tips for Making Soft Cocktails

8 Simple Tips for Making Soft Cocktails.png

Well, I had my first bartending session with my bartender friend Nicole. She gave us some of her best pro tips for making soft cocktails at home. You know, for when your mother-in-law is in town. :)

These aren't your usual shaking/muddling/stirring bartender tips.

These are the tips that were lightbulb moments for me. Simple. And so profound. ;) Like, HOW did I not know these things as a 50 year old human.

Maybe you already knew these but in case you didn't, you're welcome! :)

  1. Keep your seltzers and sodas chilled before adding them to your soft cocktail. When you pour warm sodas over ice they go flat.
  2. Have you ever made a watermelon/basil salad? Use your leftover watermelon and basil for a drink, watermelon is hydrating! Muddle your watermelon and basil in a glass, add lemon juice and a sweetener like simple syrup or honey, top with soda water.
  3. Soft cocktails are generally fresh - lots of fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs. AND they're hydrating. Alcohol actually causes dehydration - if you're out having cocktails, order a soft cocktail in between drinks (or water) to rehydrate.
  4. Pineapple juice is a palate cleanser. A soft cocktail with pineapple juice would be a great accompaniment to garlic heavy or fried/fatty foods.
  5. Keep seltzer water or Sprite on hand to mix with muddled fruit or cucumber for when you're bff shows up spontaneously for a hug and a visit. A quick and easy soft cocktail to make in a jiffy.
  6. If you're rimming your glass with salt or sugar, you can use a fresh fruit wedge or water. Using fruit can tend to be a little messier and leave sticky drips down your glass. It's just as easy to run the rim of your glass under the tap and wipe off the excess.
  7. There is a difference between seltzer, soda, and tonic. Seltzer is plain water that has been carbonated (no calories), soda water has mineral-like ingredients added (also no calories), tonic water has quinine as an ingredient (roughly 130 calories per 12 oz). Soda water and seltzer are interchangeable but tonic has it's own unique flavor.
  8. Freeze your fruit into ice cubes! It makes your drink extra pretty and won't water your drink down.

Something tells me you don't have to be an actual bartender to know these things. Do you have some Best Practices or tips that make your soft cocktail making life easier?

Make sure you check out this post here - I learned the hard way a few things NOT TO DO.  Let me learn the embarrassing lessons for you. :)