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Hi friends,

Today we're hearing from someone my oldest daughter Mackenzie grew up with, Jordan. For a little backstory, Jordan currently owns a wedding planning and design company with her two best friends out of the studio in Kingston, called Bixby + Pine, but prior to that she was the owner of her grandmother's daycare, Susie's Daycare. Jordan is going to share a little bit about her story and her thought process behind her alcohol-free lifestyle.

Hi there, my name is Jordan and I'm here to talk about my story as an alcohol-free young person.

As a non-drinker that doesn't walk around with a sign on my forehead, often times I'm offered a drink when I show up somewhere. My first thought is always wow, that was so nice of the host...and then I think, what's their reaction going to be when I say "no thanks". Will they judge me? Do I need to say that I'm just not in the mood today?

Nope. I personally think it's a great invitation to get talking about some of the reasons why people don't drink, let's start a healthy conversation based around adults who have made the choice to not drink alcohol. People are constantly shocked to hear that I am not a drinker and it has nothing to do with a personal struggle around alcohol. But for some people, their reasons for not drinking are very personal and can make them feel really embarrassed when they turn down a drink. They feel like it's a loaded question that could lead to them HAVING to talk about addiction and sobriety...hard topics for sure. 

The biggest reason that I don't drink is because alcoholism runs in my family. Furthermore, I am someone who is pretty good at all or nothing, but not so good at the in-between. I made the decision not to drink in my late teenager years. I'm not ashamed. I'm not embarrassed. The cool thing about decisions is that we all get to make our own.

I would encourage you to think about others as you serve them--and maybe don't ask "why" when they say no thank you!


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