An Interview With Brittney Jasper of Sidecar Mobile Bar

Brittney Jasper is owner and lead bartender of Sidecar Mobile Bar, serving Seattle and the greater Kitsap Peninsula. As a Washington native, Brittney raises two beautiful (read rambunctious) boys along side her amazingly supportive husband. Brittney is constantly inspired by dreamers and doers and will come to your event ready to serve up delicious, seasonal flavors in her cute AF mobile bar (yes you read that right, MOBILE BAR).

1. Question: How did you come up with the idea for the business? 

Answer: I've always loved hosting and making drinks and hosting cocktail hour for guests. I am so inspired by events and planning and decorating as well, so I just had to figure out someway to combine the two. I saw a trend starting with mobile bars in Australia and the UK a couple years ago and knew that I had to make that happen!

2. Question: Where do you get your drink inspiration? 

Answer: Seasonal flavors are my first thought when I'm planning a drink, then figuring out what flavors marry well together and lots of tasting. 

3. Question: What’s your favorite thing about your job? 

Answer: Meeting couples or host(s) and seeing their vision for their event, then working together and seeing it all come together! It's inspiring!

4. Question: Who is your dream client? 

Answer: Oprah! haha! Honestly anyone who is excited to make their vision come alive and also is open to others' ideas along the way.

5. Question: What’s your best pro tip for someone who is out at a restaurant and there aren't any non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu? What should they order that most bars could make? 

Answer: Don't get discouraged. Look at the menu or ask the waiter if they have any fresh fruit or simple syrups, usually they can help you build something. Bartending is a creative process and hopefully with your help you can come up with something fun! Hot tip-ginger beer in place of club soda adds a little kick to most soft cocktails.

6. Question: What’s your favorite cocktail (alcoholic or not).

Answer: Of course, The Sidecar!

7. Question: How old are your kids? 

Answer: 10 and 6, both boys, keeping me always on my toes (just where I want to be!).

8. Question: What’s something fun that we should know about you? 

Answer: I am very adventurous, there is no food I wouldn't try, no adventure I wouldn't try once. I am also very impulsive so when I set my mind to something (even crazy) I usually make it happen, sometimes to a fault ;)

Brittany’s excitement for locally sourced, hand-crafted drinks is not something you want to skip the next time you’re hosting an event. I can see her Sidecar Mobile Bar at a 4th of July celebration or a wedding--what event would you bring her to? Hit reply and let me know!

If you want Sidecar Mobile Bar at your next event or want to follow along in her journey click the links below:

-Marnie Rae

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