My Top 4 Bar Carts

My Top Four Bar Carts.png

 Can we talk bar carts?

My home has a lovely, built-in bar area and yet here I am on Pinterest, wondering where I can find space in my home for one of these. 

Take a look at these bar carts and tell me you aren't inspired to find just the right space for one in your home:)

This one is styled beautifully, the roses are the icing on the cake. The color of the cart frames the accessories beautifully.

The simplicity in this one got me hook, line, and sinker:

A holiday coffee bar cart? YES PLEASE:

Who is this genius that thought of using a bar cart as a nightstand? (Spoiler alert: the genius is Fancy Ashley)

What do you think of the bar cart trend? Practical or just pretty?

-Marnie Rae

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