Products, and bars, and restaurants, oh my! Seattle-based companies you won't want to miss!

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Seattle - best known for grunge music (remember Nirvana and Sound Garden?), Starbucks coffee, Amazon, and Microsoft.

But did you know Seattle is leading the nation in the alcohol-free movement? And by "leading the nation" I mean - we're doing a GREAT job of creating products and environments that support the alcohol-free community:) If this were a race I'd like to believe that Seattle would be winning.

But hey, I'm always game for a good throw-down...if your state has some great af products and restaurants and bars that are killing it at alcohol free, be sure to let me know:)

In the meantime, let me brag on our Seattle peeps:)


Dry Soda

Launched in 2005 and woman owned, Dry Soda has a unique af product that is perfect for food pairings and af cocktail creations. And my favorite thing about them is that they are one of the sponsors for our January 19th, 2019 Marnie Rae/Sans Bar Event. If you haven't got your tickets...maybe now is a good time:)

Dry Soda


Simple Goodness Sisters

Simple Syrups that are literally straight from farm to glass and the BEST flavors that you've never had - Rhubarb Vanilla, Huckelberry Spruce, and Marionberry Mint. Crafted by two sisters, Belinda and Venise, your going to love their syrups but be sure to follow them on IG for some amazing af recipes.

Rachel's Ginger Beer

Brewed in Seattle using local farm products and no preservatives, Rachel's is a fixture downtown and in local markets. You'll recognize their bright RGB bottles and great flavors like Blood Orange, White Peach, and Passionfruit + Vanilla just to name a few.


Timber City Ginger Beer

A spicy ginger beer literally so fresh that you need to drink it up - this GB won't survive for months in your pantry. All the more reason for a nightly af cocktail hour to sample the goodness!



A Tonic Syrup crafted in our beautiful city of Seattle and a new spin on the old tonic. Made in small batches by hand, this amber colored flavorful tonic is sure to get your af cocktail juices flowing.


Restaurants & Bars

Stay tuned for the Marnie Raeted directory to launch at the end of January. With one click you'll be able to find all of the best products, restaurants, and bars that make alcohol free easy and fun. And not just in Seattle:)

If you have a Marnie Raeted recommendation please send it my way so we can get them listed.


Marnie Rae

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