Easter Drink Roundup

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Easter is coming up and I know you're stopping by the blog to see what kinds of mocktails I'm suggesting, so here we go:

Tropical Carrot Bellini

A Marnie Rae recipe, this is a YUMMY (and somewhat healthy) bellini recipe that is SUPER themed, so we obviously love it.

Ginger Mimosa

The other PERFECT brunch drink: a mimosa! A crowd-pleaser for sure!

Pomegranate and Cranberry Bellini

This is such a refreshing fruit juice spritzer--it's a blend of unsweetened pomegranate (yum) and cranberry juices, a little bit of simple syrup, and sparkling water to give it a fizzy finish.

Bloody Mary

This is THE PERFECT Easter Sunday brunch mocktail. Savory and you can really go all out with the garnishes if you want or have people create their own garnish sticks! Maybe you can pre-make these stir sticks!


BATCH THIS MOCKTAIL! If you have lots of guests, this is going to be your best friend! Make it and WALK. A.WAY. 

Along with the mocktails, those deviled eggs I hate making are always a hit. (I'm thinking about snagging this platter to showcase my award-winning bites on--so cute!) What's your biggest hit?

-Marnie Rae

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