Friends Party Sponsor Highlight

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Hi friends,

I'm really excited to show off this off to you in a sneak peek kinda way, where I really focus FIRST on the amazing vendors who helped me bring this night together!

Portland Syrups sent over some of their delicious syrups--which we used in the Lavender Ginger Collins AND in the swag bags.


My sweet friends at Cup & Muffin gave everyone gift cards--how nice! Iggy's contributed their yummy kombucha in SEVERAL flavors (hint hint, stay tuned for August when our kombucha mocktail comes out!). We had ginger beer from Bundaberg and my friends at Crabtree Kitchen gave gift certificates for a free zero proof cocktail--how cool is that?!


In addition to those things, we had lots of other goodies, like adobo salt for the infamous Spicy Grapefruit Margarita, paper straws from Johnston Style (#teamenvironment), greeting cards from the Marnie Rae shop, Chocmo chocolates, #SoberNotBoring stickers, and cans of LaCroix.

I also wanted to take a second and thank some of the people who brought the day together so well and captured it beautifully: Bixby + Pine, my planners, handled decor, other vendors, the timeline, and everything in between. Agate Events paired foods DIRECTLY with the mocktails we tasted and it was all super good! Brittney, my bartender was whipping up drinks left and right! And then Sarah Anne and Ridgewood Films captured it all on camera so we can remember what a night it was!


Come back next month and I'm going to recap the whole night, but I really just wanted to give a big shoutout to this amazing team who brought it all together!

-Marnie Rae

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