Happy Birthday Marnie!

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YOU GUYS! Today is MARNIE'S BIRTHDAY! So we chatted with a few of her favorite people to see what they had to say about her...

Her middle daughter, Drew, says "My mom is the most inspiring person in my life. She sees the good in everything. She took something that negatively impacted her life and changed it into something so positive. She is working her tail off and now her mocktails are taking off." Drew goes on to say "My mom is supportive. She will drop everything she is doing to be there for me. She supports me in everything I do and pushes me to be the best version of myself. She does everything in her power to help other people succeed in what they do." Drew also notes that her mom is "kind and funny!"

Her sister in law, Lisa says "She makes me laugh until tears run down my legs! And so many times when you're in a situation where you're not supposed to be laughing, which makes it even worse!" She also said "I've watched her grow from a shy young woman into a successful businesswoman and leader!"

Mackenzie is Marnie's eldest daughter, and she said "My mom is so adventurous. I know she didn't used to be that way, but now she does try new things, and I love that I got to go backpacking with her. How many people can say that? Such a fun experience. I also love how driven she is. She finds something she's passionate about and she puts her whole heart into it - like her drinks, and blog, and events. Mom also never waivers. She's dealt with a lot - she's our rock. Always."

Behind the scenes there's a small but mighty team working on all things Marnie Rae, and we can tell you firsthand that Marnie is one of the most thoughtful people--she's constantly brainstorming how she can help someone, enrich their life, or encourage them. This platform she's building is just one avenue where she's helping make a difference.

We're gonna leave you with one last sentiment from someone really special in her life: Her husband called (he's too old to be texting, haha) and said "When I met her thirty-something years ago, she was so shy, and she's really come out of her shell to work on something she's so passionate about. And that's hard! Thats what makes me the most proud." Yep, we got off the phone and we were tearing up. 

So Marnie, HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY! We are proud of the vision you have, the journey you're taking the world on, and the courage you have to do it!

-Your People

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