Happy Hour with Marnie Rae

Happy Hour with Marnie Rae (1).png

It's. About. To go. Down. Yep, Happy Hour with Marnie Rae is TOTALLY a thing!

Each week in April, I'll be going live on my Instagram (and Facebook if I can figure all that out), and I want YOU to join me.

You're like, "cool, when?" So here's the schedule:

April 3 at 4pm

April 10 at 4pm

April 17 at 4pm

April 24 at 10am (so maybe it's inappropriate for cocktails at this hour, but there's never an inappropriate time for mocktails)

Here's what we're gonna do...we're gonna meet for 15 or 20 minutes, and make a mocktail together (I'll send that recipe out to you Sunday night). Then we are gonna chat about alcohol, hosting, parties, mocktails, bars, industry news, and so much more!

So stay tuned THIS SUNDAY for your first recipe, and mark your calendar each week so we can have happy hour together!


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