How to Include the Drinker | Part Two

How to Include the Drinker _ Part Two.png

I'm sure you read my "How To Include the Non-Drinker" post from Tuesday, right?

While I LOVE when hosts are inclusive of the non-drinkers, I also think it's an extra nice gesture to include your drinking friends.

Now let's get one thing straight: If you struggle with sobriety, it could be best to not offer alcohol ever, and THAT'S. OKAY. For real!

But if you simply choose not to drink for one of the other 50 million reasons, then perhaps you want to offer an alcoholic beverage to your guests.

Think about having a bottle of liquor that you can simply ADD to the mocktail you're already preparing. This will keep costs down and make things easier! "Hey, want a Moscow Mule or a Mimic Mule--I've got both!"

This gives your people and added feeling of love and care!

Now everyone has a drink and is walking around enjoying the company of everyone!

-Marnie Rae

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