I was on the Shrimp Tank Podcast!

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Did you catch me on the Shrimp Tank Podcast? It was so much fun to sit down and chat with Dan Weeden and Andy Vernon about the modern day mocktail (just say no to the kiddie table), the drink i would make for Kim Kardashian (hint, you can find the drink recipe here), and National Mocktail Week!

Check out the write up they wrote:

Marnie Clark is a business owner who has played an integral role for the past 28-years in the multi-million-dollar construction company that she has helped build alongside her husband. Marnie is also the founder of Marnie Rae – a sober lifestyle brand with a focus on handcrafted, alcohol-free cocktails. And while Marnie loves a good AF cocktail she strongly believes this mission is about more than just a drink – it’s about educating and empowering both sides of the bar that this is not just about a cocktail, it’s about giving people the opportunity to make better choices, and to be more inclusive.

Nestled near Hood Canal in the beautiful Pacific Northwest Marnie loves to enjoy the outdoors – hiking, running, paddle-boarding and boating. Traveling and family are high on her list but you can’t leave off the Seahawks or coffee! Being sober has led Marnie to explore a new passion and she is excited to share this with others.

Marnie is recognized as a founder of National Mocktail Week, The Dine and Dream Dinner, and a past producer of The Inspired You Event.

Marine, we welcome you to the Seattle Shrimp Tank!

-Marnie Rae

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