Friends Party Recap

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My, oh my, I'm hoesntly not even sure where to start. Recapping this "Friends Party" I hosted is kinda a big feat--so let me start with the "why" behind it all.

I wanted a place to gather with friends. I wanted a place to laugh and drink and eat and enjoy each others' company. I wanted a place to showcase the newest Marnie Rae mocktail recipes. I wanted a place to talk a little about the movement, and a lot about what we all have going on in our lives.

So I hosted my friends, in my home, served my newest recipes paired with some yummy appetizers, and we had the best time.

These swag bags turned out pretty great--and I am still so thankful for the people and companies that contributed. You can read more about them here.

Each woman left with a full belly and a smile (plus an amazing swag bag)--and my heart grew a little bigger that night!

I'm hosting another one--a little bigger in size, in the city that never sleeps this fall--and I'm nervous, but also excited!

Is this the type of thing you'd come to?


Marnie Rae


Sarah Anne Photo (photography), Ridgewood Films (videography), Sidecar Mobile Bar (bartender), Bixby + Pine (planning/design), Agate Events (catering)

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