Marnie Rae Presents Sans Bar Seattle & National Mocktail Week

Marnie Rae Presents Sans Bar Seattle & National Mocktail Week


I can not believe I’m announcing this, but here we go!

By now you know about National Mocktail Week (and if you don’t, you can read more about it here). Well, I was thinking, what's a National celebration without a party?! Thus we have a Marnie Rae Mocktail party scheduled for Thursday, January 17th. We are putting together something that’s sure to leave you smiling and while I don’t have all of the details worked out, I do have some:

  • I am proud to announce that this event will be the first stop on the SANS BAR National Tour! You've GOT to come and help me welcome my friend Chris Marshall, founder of Sans Bar in Austin, TX. Hey Seattle, let's show the rest of the nation how it's done:)

  • It’s going to be in Seattle (downtown) and tickets will be going on sale very, very, VERY soon. 

  • One of the members of my Dream Team, Gillian - the best bartender/recipe developer on the planet - will be behind the bar serving up our latest Marnie Rae AF cocktails!

  • While you’re sipping your non-alcoholic cocktail, you’re also gonna enjoy some good food, good people, and good music.

  • A portion of the proceeds will go to support Recovery Cafe' of Seattle.

  • Our first sponsor just jumped on board, we'll be announcing them shortly! 

  • I'm working on a big surprise. Send all the good juju to me will ya? 

I know, is it January yet?! (I hope the answer is no because I still have some planning to do!)

I’ll let you know when tickets go on sale, but for now, mark your calendars!

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