Mocktail Ingredient Brands I Love

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Sourcing quality ingredients is actually something I really enjoy doing for a couple of reasons:

1. It takes these AF drinks to a whole new level, when the ingredients are fresh and of good quality.

2. I get to meet lots of cool people on the way--whether it's the head of the company or someone I'm casually chatting with at the grocery store as we bond over the contents of our cart--so much of this movement is people.

I wanted to jot down my favorites for you, so that you can snag a few of these items to have on hand at your bar and you're ready to serve up the tastiest of the tastiest.

Ginger Beer:

1. Bundaberg

2. Cock N Bull

3. Bedford's Sodas (local - Port Angeles!!)

4. Rachel's Ginger Beer (also Seattle!!) - flavored

Club Soda:

1. Fever Tree

2. Q

Simple Syrup:

1. Portland Syrups

2. Simple Goodness sisters

3. Tippleman's

4. Fire Syrup (Spicy Grapefruit margarita's baby!)


1. RW Knutsen

2. Iggy's

3. Element Shrubs

Rim garnishes:

1. Jacobson Salt

2. Rose Petals from Golden

3. Trader Joe's Candied Ginger

4. The Spice House Lavender Vanilla Sugar


1. Limes

2. Mint

3. Edible Flowers (local grocery)

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