My Secret Is Revealed!

My Secret Is Revealed!

Good. Morning. Friends.

Yes, I needed all the periods. It's that serious. TODAY I'm telling you exactly what I've been hiding from you all this time: In January, we get to celebrate (for the first time ever) NATIONAL MOCKTAIL WEEK!

WHAT. IS. LIFE. You see, I'm here to be a game-changer and a move-maker, and I knew that we needed to take this little mocktail project to the whole world, so that's just what we did. 

Do you know how many national ALCOHOL days there are? Well I'll tell you this: THERE ARE FOUR IN JANUARY ALONE. National Hot Buttered Rum Day, National Hangover Day, National Bloody Mary Day, the list goes on throughout the months. 

National Mocktail Week is the third week in January. Every. Year. For years to come. 

Thanks for sticking around, I told ya it'd be worth the wait!


Marnie ClarkComment