National Mocktail Week Launch Party Recap

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My friend Kelly Welk at Cider Press Lane says “Use what you love to fight what you hate.” And inJanuary, we did just that :-)

On January 17, 2019, we celebrated of the launch of the first ever National Mocktail Week by bringing 100+ friends and strangers together at The Factory Luxe to party (alcohol free) and raise money for The Recovery Café of Seattle.

**We literally used mocktails to rise $1,000 for the people of Recovery Cafe y’all!**

You know I always say “It’s not about the drink, it’s about the experience” and that’s what I wanted to convey at our event. Of course the drinks had to be delicious AND beautiful but most importantly we wanted people to experience connection and have fun.

We, of course, wouldn’t have been able to do this without a few special people:

Chris Marshall at Sans Bar: Chris flew up from Texas for the event and kicked off his National Sans Bar Tour right here in Seattle. If you’re not familiar with Chris and his mission, you should check him out here

Dry Soda: local AND woman-owned—WIN WIN! Dry Soda contributed CASES of their product for our mocktails. We even had enough left over to share with a few lucky guests. I’m a big fan of Dry Soda—it was actually created during a time when I was newly sober and looking for alcohol-free options. I so appreciated that there was someone else out there that felt this was a challenge to be tackled. Cheers to Sherelle Klaus!

Hazelden Betty Ford: one of our Top Shelf sponsors, we were so honored to have them on board. It’s only when you are trying to find a treatment center for someone you love that you will realize the lack of resources out there. I am grateful to see Betty Ford opening their doors in our community and giving our loved ones a safe place to land. To learn more about their services, please follow them here

Simple Goodness Sisters and Happy Camper Cocktails: did you meet my friends Belinda and Venise in the speakeasy at the party? Well, my friends Belinda and Venise set up bar in our speakeasy and man were they a HIT. Their drink, The Genevieve, was AMAZING and they were perfect hosts. So many people asked me about them. I felt so proud to have them support our event. And, side note: $500 of our $1,000 Recovery Cafe donation came from their bar. Slow. Clap. ♥️  You’ll hear me talk about them a lot not only because I love their product and what they do (garden to glass!) but they are a strong supporter of the alcohol-free community. They make mocktails frequently for their guests but they also love a good whiskey and they make everything prettier with edible flowers. My kind of girls :)

The night was better than I could have imagined. 

A few parting takeaways:

  • Bars are bars are bars. People go there for connection, I whole-heartedly believe whether you’re drinking or not shouldn’t matter. What does matter is that everyone feels welcome and ‘a part of.’

  • Kelly Welk was right all along—you CAN use what you love to fight what you hate. In case you missed it...we used mocktails to raise $1,000 for The Recovery Cafe. Mocktails. The sky’s the limit. 

  • The old guard media of newspapers is not dead (in Seattle anyhow) and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The first 10 people I introduced myself to at the party found out about the event in the Seattle Times, not to mention the 40+ emails I received from people who read the article. Newspapers for the win!

  • It literally took a team of people to make this event happen: Heidi, Kirk, Dylan, Nicole, Gillian, Claire's Pantry staff (my party planning office), Mike Chambers, Jack and Jeri, Jan and Chuck, Saleina Marie photography, and probably 10 more people I’m forgetting. 

A big thank you to everyone who attended and supported. We are very excited for National Mocktail Week 2.0–2020!

-Marnie Rae

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