The #1 Question To Ask Your Friends Who Aren't Drinking

The #1 Question to Ask Your Friends Who Aren't Drinking.png

You've probably had this moment at least once in your life.

It's the girls night out you've been looking forward to for weeks now. Some of your favorite people, a dinner where you don't have to think about what to cook AND you don't have to cook it, and a chance to catch up with your friends.

The server arrives at your table, drink orders are placed. A Moscow Mule, a glass of chardonnay, a Vodka Tonic. The server makes eye contact with you and you place your order - an iced tea. Not that it's anyone's business but when that alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow you know you're going to be happy that you made that decision.

The server leaves to give your drink order to the bar and then the questions start:

"You're not drinking tonight?"

"Are you pregnant?"

"What's going on, why aren't you drinking?"

You know it's not a big deal, you assume your friends know it's not a big deal, but seems to be a big deal. Are they uncomfortable that you're not drinking? Are you boring when you don't drink? Are you ruining the vibe? Why is this their business? 

And now you feel kind of...uncomfortable.

And now, the fact that you aren't drinking has made them uncomfortable too.

You want them to know you're not judging them for not drinking.

You want them to know you can still have fun, you can still be fun without alcohol.

You want them to know that tonight you're not drinking because tomorrow you have an early morning but even if you weren't drinking for any other reason you would still be you and there should be no explanation necessary.

You want them to know you appreciate their friendship and you'll hang out in bars with them anytime. Drinking or not.

Don't be that friend. The next time you're out and someone you're with isn't drinking, there's really only one question you should ask: When do we get to hang out again?