The One Thing That Hasn't Changed in 15 Years

The ONE Thing That Hasn't Changed in 15 Years.png

15 years ago I gave up my Dry Stoly Martini with 3 olives. While I'd like to say it was a sad day (you really can't replicate the taste of a martini in my opinion), it was actually one of the best days of my life.

Obviously, the world kept spinning, and life changed. In fact, here's a few changes that have impacted my life over the last few years:

  • Technology - kind of hard to sum this up in a sentence or two because the evolution of technology has literally impacted every aspect of our lives. From running to recipes, to being a know-it-all (ask the Google anytime that name is on the tip of your tongue).
  • Dating - As a 50 year old married woman I don't know much about this but 3 of my friends are in their current awesome relationships as a result of Tinder.
  • Reality TV - I am from the MTV Generation. Remember when we could watch videos all day and all night with no commercials? That was pretty new for it's time. Now I have things like The Real Housewives of Anywhere and Keeping Up With the Kardashians on my DVR list (guilty pleasure).
  • Airports - remember when we didn't have to take off our shoes?
  • Starbucks - $5.00 for a cup of coffee? Come again?

Here's one thing that hasn't changed in the last 15 years - non-alcoholic cocktails. Otherwise known as "mocktails".

I consider myself an expert on this topic. See also: I have a soapbox.

When I gave up that Stoly I was suddenly uncomfortable in bars and restaurants, and sometimes even at people's home. What do I order? The menu tells me they have soda, tea, and lemonade. When I ask the server he tells me they can make me a Virgin Margarita.

Now, I'm not sure if you ever had a Stoly martini with 3 olives (the olives were key) but I wouldn't consider this a 'sweet' drink. This was the kind of cocktail that burned the back of your throat going down. So. sodas, iced teas, and virgin margaritas...well, they weren't really something I would enjoy. But those were my options.

And now I'm over it. 

We're gonna fix this problem, us - you and me. And it all starts here at Marnie Rae. We'll inspire people to be wonderful hostesses in their homes, we'll teach restaurants how to show their non-drinking customers that they value them, and we'll remind people that if they don't feel like having a cocktail it's okay - they still have grown up, delicious choices that won't relegate them to the kid's table.

I'm so glad you're joining me on this mission! Do you have a go-to non-alcoholic drink that you serve? A favorite restaurant or mixologist that just gets it? A recipe idea?

Please share them with me!!!

In the meantime let's connect on my YouTube channel or over on Instagram and Facebook.

Here we go, changing the soft cocktail at a time:)

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