Why You Should Serve Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

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Before you reach for your next cocktail, consider a mocktail instead. The benefits of these non-alcoholic cocktails are far superior to the side effects of alcohol, and taste is not sacrificed!

Non-alcoholic cocktails are a simple, fun way to add extra nutrients to your diet, and they are safe for all your guests regardless of age or pregnancy. Avoid the sugary concoctions and instead reach for health-boosting ingredients that add benefit to your alcohol-free lifestyle.

Following are a few benefits I’ve found from creating my own mocktail recipes:

1. Save on cost with mocktails

  • Alcohol is expensive. Typically, it is the most expensive ingredient in a cocktail. When you remove this ingredient you significantly reduce the overall price of the drink.

  • That is if you make it at home. Some bars are jumping on this health trend and have been working hard to craft the perfect nonalcoholic drink. And they are charging a pretty penny for it, like this $15 Mocktail in NYC.

2. No alcohol means no hangovers

3. They are hydrating and nutritious

  • Alcohol is a diuretic which means that one potent side effect of alcohol is dehydration. A switch to nonalcoholic beverages removes the dehydrating element and increases hydration through alternative base ingredients.

  • To further increase the nutrient and hydration of these drinks avoid sugary substitutes like soda and opt for nutrient rich ingredients like milk, coconut water or an even simpler base of tonic water. Your drink will be as nutritious as the ingredients you add to it. It is that simple. Customize your mocktails for your own health needs!

For a seasonal treat try this pumpkin martini. The pumpkin puree, spices and the milk make it healthier then your average martini.  

4. Everyone can participate

  • Alcoholic drinks exclude some from participating. Children are left out of the festivities as are those who are ill, pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Many a pregnancy has been unintentionally announced by a sudden avoidance of an alcoholic beverage, putting the new mother in an awkward position of oversharing before she is ready.

  • Many a recovering alcoholic has been handed a drink only to have to explain that they are so many days sober and abstaining.

  • Rather then create awkward scenarios, and even the occasional drunken scene, nonalcoholic drinks provide a safe environment for everyone to partake in what the host is offering. It is a way to be hospitable without asking a guest to share intimate details he or she may not be ready to share.

  • Providing nonalcoholic cocktails at your next party is a fun, simple delicious way to be hospitable to all! The benefits are far reaching. Be part of the culture that values an alcohol-free lifestyle and build a stronger community in the process.

For more information on the benefits of non-alcoholic cocktails be sure to check out these sources:

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