On having difficult conversations...

iStock_000016159098Small crumpled paper heart Wow.  What a long, exhausting, confusing, thought provoking week it has been.  I'm tired.

I'm tired of the evil that keeps showing up in our lives, I'll never understand.  I'm grateful today that I am given the opportunity to love and be loved just one more day.

When awful things like the Boston Marathon bombing happen we instinctively pull our families closer and make the promise to live each day at our best.  I am one of those people, I had intended to run the Wenatchee 1/2 Marathon this weekend but have chosen to be home with my family, my brain isn't strong enough at this moment to push me 13.1 miles towards a finish line.

While we are doing our best to BE our best, to live lives of meaning, love, and kindness, I want to encourage you to dig way down deep and find your courage.  Your relationships require love and attention but they also require at times that you have difficult conversations.  Conversations where people will have to hear things that they don't want to hear, conversations where people might get mad or hurt, conversations sometimes that can potentially end a relationship. These conversations are probably one of the hardest things for me to do in life but I've learned the hard way that if you don't shove that elephant out of the room and talk, someday you won't be given the opportunity to even have the conversation and you will lose...you will lose the opportunity to love better, and you will lose your peace of mind.  You will wonder...did I love in the best way I know how?  Was I kind enough? 

In our addictions, our bad attitudes, our judgemental moments, our poor choices...any and all of our faults, we are still worthy of being loved and loving someone else.  Sometimes loving someone means having those conversations, as hard and uncomfortable as they are.  I can't stress enough that these conversations are important for the person you are having them with but they are also important for YOU.  It is you taking care of yourself, you taking care of your family.

So yes, absolutely - pull your loved ones closer and be forever grateful for the opportunity Then at the end of the day, my wish for you is to curl up in bed at night knowing with peace in your heart that you were the best you that you could be that day, and that you loved in all the ways that you know how.  Even the hard ways.