Coming out of the closet...literally

Bag of CAbi clothes (480x640)

Since early spring this lovely bag has been moved to my mudroom then to my bedroom then back to the mudroom again.  Each time I walk by it I sigh heavily...and then I keep walking. My addiction is in this bag.  There it sits, day after day, staring at me.

Each time my husband walks by it he says "What are "we" doing with this bag?"  Thank you honey for taking responsibility for the bag too, "we" are stuck with this bag because I can't seem to part with the contents.  The things in the bag, I might need them someday.

Hi, my name is Marnie, I am still an addict.  And to make matters worse I am headed to Portland with my dealer for another fix.

While I won't burden you with the ugly details of my trek to temptation, I might post a few pictures in hopes that it will keep me accountable and maybe when I return you can help me let go...of the bag.  I will need your help.  What to do with the things.

With courage and kindness and the latest fall fashions,



P.S.  Any guesses on what's in the bag?  :)