If You Give A Mouse A Cookie - The Dreamer Version


How many times have you read the children's book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"?

Let's rewrite...

If you give a woman a dream...

She might open a local small town restaurant that serves locally grown food and wines.

When she opens her restaurant it might inspire another woman to start making her Grandmother's family recipe Irish Soda Bread to serve at the restaurant.

She might become so busy baking bread that she hires an unemployed mom to help her out.

The newly hired mom will be able to save some money to buy a computer so she can follow her dream of learning graphic design.  She volunteers to design a brochure for the local food bank.

The brochure makes it into the hands of a local event planner that needs graphic design work and a location to host monthly meetings.

The newly hired mom connects the local event planner with the restaurant owner.

Turns out the monthly meetings are a women's group that meet to drink wine, break bread, and share their stories of entrepreneurship, passions, dreams, and challenges.

The restaurant owner is asked to share her story at their meeting.

When she shares her story at the meeting it inspires another woman to go home and prepare a proposal...to hang her art in the restaurant.

Just throwing a challenge out to you...who are you not to dream?

With courage and kindness,



P.S.  I'm thinking a women's group that meets to drink wine/tea, break bread, and share their stories might be awesome:)