A life lesson in riding the skinny

This is my BFB "riding the skinny" on her 40th birthday.  This video isn't intended to be about her but rather to share a lesson to be learned from her.

DID YOU SEE THE PORTAL???? That flash of sun just as she dropped down off the skinny...

This is the tipping point of her day, the moment I want to bottle, shake, and spray over everyone like champagne.  It's the moment when she realized what she just did. From this moment forward she rides with a little more confidence, courage, and excitement.   This is also a pivotal moment for the rest of us because while her head is saying "I want everyone to do this! If I can do this they can totally do this!!", our brains are telling us "Hey, I might be able to do that. That totally looked like fun, I should try it!".

I can't bottle up that moment in time but I can tell you that WE CAN DO IT. We can "ride the skinny", we can apply for that job, we can start that business, and we can run that race. We will find that portal (by the way, the definition is "a large elaborate gate or entrance" - how can we miss it?), and then we won't be able to keep it to ourselves, we will have to share it with everyone we know.

The key is that we have to start. Start small, start big, it doesn't really matter...just start. We can't reach our destination without taking the first step, and the next, and the next.

So here is our Ride The Skinny lesson... 1. Sometimes it takes more than one try to get it done (this was her 2nd shot at it by the way). 2. It's never too late to try (she did this on her 40th birthday, good golly, not bad for an old chick). 3. You can't Ride the Skinny if you don't get on your bike. 4. In case you missed it...you have to KEEPPEDALINGKEEPPEDALINGKEEPPEDALING! 5. It's super important to have someone (maybe your kind courageous friends at The Kind Tribe?) standing by cheering you on and reminding you to keep pedaling.

I know you've graced the threshold of at least one portal in your life, what was it?

Still pedaling,



P.S.  Thank you to my crew at www.makeupandmechanics.com for the video production and also to my peeps at Kingston Riders for the fun ride!