A Tribute to my BFB

Bigfoot Believer?

Best Friends Brother?

Better From Behind?  Ummm...NO.

Blue Fuzzy Blankie?  YES:)

Did your kids ever have that blankie that never left their side?  The one that gave them courage when they were scared?  The one that calmed them when they were upset?  The one that generally just made them happy?

In case you were wondering, today is the 40th Annual Blue Fuzzy Blankie Day.  Quite a big holiday in this family!  In celebration of this important day, here is a tribute and a thank you to my very special BFB.

We always seem to be in sync and she never leaves my side...



She's always there to hold my hand for the big moments in life... NODM finish

She never hesitates to share even her most special stuff...

Hot Chocolate 2013


She always encourages me to try new things...

Mtn Bike


We have the same great fashion sense...

Cabo bikinis


She farts sunshine...really...

Lisa Fart Sunshine


I will always have your back...

Lisa Vegas Pool

With love from my whole heart and wishing you the happiest of birthdays my friend,