Are you going to the Superbowl?

American football on field with goal post in background.

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and the 12th Man!  The Seahawks have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and with one Superbowl appearance under their belt I'd say it's their turn for a trip to the Superbowl.  Not to mention, this hard working team deserves it.

We can all imagine how much hard work went into the building of this team, success never happens overnight.  At some point in time, all of these men started at zero - a pee wee footballer with big dreams of going to the Superbowl someday.  Haven't we all had similar dreams?  To be a journalist, to be on Oprah, to travel the world, to have our own business, or to raise amazing children that will head off into the world with their own dreams.

So how are you going to get to your Superbowl?

Let's see what we can learn from these men in blue:

  • Derrick Coleman -  Fullback - A deaf football player?  How is that even possible?  This man has every reason to need 'special accomodations' and a little extra help however Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll says "the team made no special accomodations for him".  His only request is that Quarterback Russell Wilson look him in the eye when he's calling plays in the huddle so he can read his lips.  What disabilities, real or perceived, are holding you back?
  • Russell Wilson - Quarterback - Russell has become known as one of the best quarterbacks in the league.  Isn't it interesting that he started his career in professional baseball?  Just 3 1/2 years ago he was drafted by the Colorado Rockies and 2 short years ago he made the choice to pursue a career in the NFL.  He gave up a professional career in baseball for the chance at maybe earning a spot on an NFL team.  I call that "go big or go home".  Are you sticking with something because you feel like you 'should'?  Did you reach your goal only to find out it wasn't really what you'd hoped?  It's okay to move on.  In fact, it's necessary to move on.
  • Pete Carroll - Coach - The man just coached his team right into the Superbowl...he was also fired from 2 previous NFL coaching positions and also left his college coaching job in a bit of controversy.  It takes time to master your craft, are you giving yourself the time you need and taking opportunities to learn and improve?  Are you letting your failures determine your success?
  • Richard Sherman - Cornerback - Ahhh Richard.  Either love him or hate him but one thing is for sure about Richard, he is passionate about what he does and his team. My wish is that we all get to experience passion like that at some point in our life.  Are you living inspired?  Are you dreaming big? What would happen if you showed it to the world?
  • Kam Chancellor - Safety - Known as one of the hardest hitting, most intimidating safety's in the league but he hasn't forgotten where he's been.  He came from very humble beginnings and watched his (single) mom try to raise he and his 4 siblings by working 2 and sometimes 3 jobs.  When he signed his contract with the Seahawks the first thing he did was buy his mom a house and a car.  Follow Kam's lead, don't forget where you started and always remember the people that helped you along the way.

No matter what our dreams are, our journeys are at the core all the same.  Going after your dreams isn't rocket science, it just being your best and deciding that you are worth the hard work required.  It requires resilience, focus, introspection, and most of all - ACTION.

Two more weeks and we'll be watching those Hawks at the SUPERBOWL people!  That gives you plenty of time to focus and decide. In honor of my Hawks, make February 2nd your day of action.  Tell us here what step you plan to take towards your goal and I'll be sure to hold you accountable:)