Be the one

Dear ladies, friends, Kind Tribers,

May I ask you a favor?

Today will you be the one?

You know...the one.

The one that leads by example.

The one that brings a positive energy to the room.

The one that defies her culture, her environment, her upbringing, her self-inflicted stereo-type and does life differently.  And better.

The one that rises above.

The one that says "hell yes" and also "hell no".

That one.


Photo courtesy of Kim Poole

It would really mean a lot to us if you could.

I know it's hard.

And sometimes really lonely.

But we need you.

We need you to show us how.

Because when you decide to be the one, this happens.

Photo courtesy of Kim Poole

One by one, we find the courage to be the one too.

Thanks, we appreciate your courage.