Can we help a girl out?

iStock_000022443004Small Runner Hi friends! More writing today.  I was going to challenge myself to send you a video blog this week but I'm still working on that "comfort zone" thing;)

Good news!  We helped a fellow Kind Triber out:)

Our friend Kate e-mailed me this:

"I was wondering if sometime down the line you could write encouraging words on how to handle bad workouts.  You know those workouts were everything goes wrong?  I've had a few and could really use some tools to handle them and move on."

You got it Kate:)

Before I share the answers I received from the three best trainers in the WORLD, I just want to address something...

Are we a fitness and exercise community?

No, not specifically.  But fitness and health are cornerstones to us living our best lives AND we are a Kind Tribe.  Remember, we've got your back?  We're helping each other get out of our comfort zones and supporting each other along the way.  I feel so honored that Kate asked for our help.

I've done a few 1/2 marathons but never a tri so I tapped our community and got some great answers for Kate.  I want you to pay attention to the answers though, okay?

"The best way to avoid the feeling of defeat is to redefine the meaning of "personal best".  It is not the accomplishment you had last week or the one you may achieve next.  It is choosing to ignore the little voices of comparison in our head and instead listening to our bodies and truly giving everything it has to give each day.  It is not an excuse to make excuses.  It is truly listening and challenging ourselves when our body is telling us it has more to give and modifying when it has less.  It is respecting and appreciating the gift that our body has to give us each day and feeling successful when we have used that gift to its fullest!  There will be ups and downs on our journey to improve.  That is how we truly grow and successfully reach goals.  Positive thinking empowers...negative thoughts hold us back!"  Nancy Everard, Personal  Trainer, Virginia

"In my opinion I think it's important to set a goal however you have to do the training in order to reach it.  Everybody has good days and bad days.  Willpower is a muscle.  The more you use it, the stronger it gets.  I tell my clients they  need to stop competing with others and compete with themselves.  If you have a bad run or workout, it was only a training run or the end of the day it doesn't matter, what mattered is that you completed it and you learned for next time.  If you are going to doubt something you need to doubt your limits.  Training has endless possibilities and you always get out what you put into it.  It may be time for variety or a strong focus. But most importantly believe in yourself and listen to your body, for it knows best." 

Peri-Lyn Johnson, Personal Trainer, Snohomish, Washington

"I think people often begin a training program with the thought, "all I need to do is put in my training miles and I'll cross the finish line".  Training ones mind to work through challenges while training is just as important as the miles she will put on her legs.  Have you ever heard the rule "don't try anything new on race day"?  It's a very important rule to follow.  The reason why it applies here is because challenges/obstacles can often pop up in races, especially triathlons where there are so many logistics.  If she trains herself to work through challenges/obstacles in her training, she will be better prepared for them during the race and avoid it throwing off her race.  These "bad" workouts are opportunities to train her mind and should be thought of as such."  Beth Brewster, Ultrawoman, Kingston, WA

There you have it.  Straight from the three best trainers In. The. WORLD:)

Were you paying attention?  Did you notice that while they answered Kate's question specifically the answer could apply to anything you are doing in life?  :)  Yep.

Kate, thank you for trusting us to have your back.  We know you are going to ROCK that tri in August!  I'm excited to share your story with the rest of our tribe.

Are you sharing your accomplishments AND your struggles?  See how you can help someone else by using your voice?

Courage and kind, we've got it ladies.  Share it.