I am Madly & Deeply in Love with this Community

It's true I am madly and deeply in love with this Marnie Rae community.

I’m just sayin’.

Last week I asked you a question on the Marnie Rae Facebook page. “If you could start any charitable organization what would it be?”  I got 15 responses.

15 responses may not seem like much but considering that I just started this community less than 1 week ago and I was absolutely terrified to do it…15 responses is worthy. And HUGE.

I want to back up a little here and tell you about what was going on prior to this FB post. The night before I had stayed up late to work in my “real” business and was frustrated with my level of competence in relationship to the work I was doing (as in, it was over my head). I went to bed late and in a bad mood. I got up at 5:00 the next morning with leftover bad mood juju and went back to work. I took a few seconds to make the FB post and then trudged on in my own little pity party.

The red Facebook flag. The comments. The happiness is starting to bubble☺. Each time I read one of your responses I thought “that’s a great idea”! I wanted you to open up shop and do them all. I loved the words “I’ve always wanted to” or “I always thought that”. That’s the spark!!!!

My friend Kari so kindly pointed out - We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. She is right. Maybe you need to start your own charitable organization but maybe it also means just giving your time and knowledge to help a group that’s already in motion. What better way to discover if this is really your dream or your path? Lend a hand where it’s needed.

And so it happened again. I set out to inspire you and you inspired me. I ran 9.3 miles that morning and you were on my mind almost the entire time. I couldn’t wait to get home to write this post. Thank you.

Here’s what I learned about the women in the Marnie Rae community:

  • 1 person can change the lives of many, all with a few words or an idea.
  • I know 15 women in my community alone that have the potential to do GREAT things. Imagine what all the other women out there are doing that we don’t even know about! Let’s find them and bring them to our community.
  • Some things we all have in common – a love for the “underdog”, an appreciation for those that are trying for and deserve a better life, and the willingness to DO something.
  • We are fun☺

Serve. Because someone needs your talents. Because you can.

What’s stopping you?

Thanks for hanging out with me today! Leave me a comment below and tell me how you were inspired by the fabulous ladies at Marnie Rae? What’s your next small step towards serving?