If Mama ain't happy...nobody's happy.

I'd like you to meet Zach Sobiech.  Some of you may have already seen this video, it seems to have gone viral on the web.  It's long as far as internet videos go but I think you'll find it time well spent.  It's much more than another reminder of that old saying we have been hearing so much of lately, "life is short".

There are so many positive, "life is short", inspirational videos floating around on the www that I will admit, I was hesitant to watch yet another one.  I think the hormones are a little crazy too because I found myself with a bit of a bad attitude...I figured I'd watch it and cry (you can't help but love this guy and his family) but then go back to living my life as usual...like I have a lifetime ahead of me to be kind and courageous, do what I love, and make an impact.

But Zach's video caught me off guard, not in the way I thought it was going to.  He made a comment in the video towards the end, I caught it as I was packing lunches, half-watching, not being present as is it is so easy to do these days with technology at our fingertips.  He said, "It's really simple actually, it's just try and make people happy.  Maybe you have to learn it with time, maybe you have to learn it the hard way, but as long as you learn it you're going to make the world a better place."

Well said Zach but there is something I have to disagree with, just a little.  While it is most definitely a simple and impactful concept, sometimes it's not simple to implement into everyday life.  This is the change I would like to make in my personal world.  We are busy, we are chauffeuring and working, we are paying bills and buying groceries, we are running businesses and getting in shape, all of this while trying to find our own peace and joy.  Isn't the rule these days "put the oxygen mask on yourself first" and "If Mama ain't happy, nobody's happy"?

I realized that I had forgot - my own personal peace and joy comes from...making people happy.  My family, my dog, my friends, you.

Yes, put the oxygen mask on yourself first so you can care for the world around you but don't forget that one of the most gratifying ways to do this is to make someone else happy.

So now as I proofread and analyze, I realize, I don't disagree with Zach.  It is simple.  It is a simple concept and it is simple to implement into everyday life.  The challenge can sometimes come in finding gratitude, appreciation, and awareness. But we're the Kind Tribe, an awesome group of courageous and kind women who love a challenge.  We've totally got this.

You know the old saying, "If nobody ain't happy, Mama ain't happy."  ;)

With happiness, courage, and always kindness,