I'm a deer...in the headlights

iStock_000012701878XSmall deer

Awhile back I posted about personality types, our DNA.  All inspired from a day spent on our elementary school field helping the kids with Field Day.

So let's have our own little personality Field Day shall we?

Here's a link to a free version of the Myers-Brigg personality test.  The real Myer's-Briggs Test can only be administered by certified clinicians.  Clincians or not, I found this free version to be amazingly accurate. It measures four different personality traits, you’re either an I or an E (Introvert or Extrovert), N or S (Sensing or Intuition), T or F (Thinking or Feeling), or J or P (Judging or Perceiving).  When you've completed the test (it's pretty short, shouldn't take long) there is a link where you can get more of an in-depth description of your type.

I am a confused ISFJ.  I say confused because the description is completely accurate however the image it conjures in my mind is quite different than the image I have of myself.  I have to question the results (just a tiny bit) because sometimes I'm not always the expert on me.  There are little things like doubt, insecurity, and crazy brain that get in the way.  Here's a simple example...my daughter fainted recently during a workout.  This girl plays basketball 5 days a week almost 9 months out of the year, she really couldn't be in better shape physically.  However, when the EMT asked her if she was in good athletic condition, he referred to it as "marathon shape", she said no.  When I raised my eyebrows she said "I couldn't run a marathon".  So, another thought, maybe it's all in how you understand the question.

Bottom line here - it's all just information.

And since it's always super important to know what kind of animal you are, take a peek at this Buzzfeed article. and see what happened when animals "took" the test.  Apparently the deer is an ISFJ like me which seems fitting since often I find myself saying "I feel like a deer in the headlights".  I was completely NOT surprised by this information.

Be sure to comment below and let us know your personality type AND what kind of animal you are.  There's room for all of us in this here zoo:)

With courage and kindness,