Just keep dreaming

Dream big words

Here's the thing...

A fun little Facebook challenge - turn to the person next to you and say your dream out loud or post it on our FB wall - revealed to me through e-mails from a few different people that...there are many of you without a dream.  And you're not happy about it.  In fact, your kind of frustrated and concerned.

Confession:  I am 46 years old and just found my 'dream' two years ago.  It took me 46 years of learning, trying, and making mistakes to figure this out.  And here's the kicker, it's just my dream today.  Today it's what makes me excited to get the day started, it wakes me up at 2:30 in the morning with fresh ideas, it gives me energy.  But it may not be my dream a year from now.

Kids grow, people leave your life, people come into your life, it rains, it shines...everything is temporary and changing all of the time.  All. of. the time.

It makes me think of the quote "life is about the journey, not the destination".  Absolutely wouldn't it be great to see your dreams come true but I believe the joy and the learning all comes in the process.

Don't know where to start?  Try someone else's dream on and see if it fits.  Take it off if it doesn't.

Then try another dream.  Underwater basket weaving?  Go for it.  Don't like it?  Cool.

Photography?  Awesome.  Let's go.  Nope?  Try again.

Teaching your children Spanish?  Hmmm...this one, maybe.  Keep going.

See how this works?  You don't have to get it right the first time, the second time, or even the third time.  Just keep experiencing.  Pretty soon you'll just be enjoying the process and you might even forget about your dream for awhile.  Then when you least expect it (but you're always paying attention to life's hints aren't you?) there it is.  Your dream...today.

And don't forget that your dream can take different forms.  The dream I posted on FB is "to have my own business supporting and encouraging women as they go from 'mom' to 'what's next'?  I want to help them create their lives so not only are they happy women but because they will also make an impact in their communities.  At some point I would also like to work with middle and high school girls on the same thing -- figuring out what makes them strong, courageous, kind, and happy and then helping them do more of THAT."  The ultimate goal for me here is to make an impact in my community and help women.  Today it looks like one thing, next year it may look like something else.  Maybe along the way I'll figure out that I really enjoy photography and so I'll make an impact in women's lives through that.  The key is to be open to ideas and to change.

Here's to dreams of all shapes and sizes, just keep dreaming.

With courage and kindness,