My favorite places for brain food

woman in a robe and coffee working on laptop

I feel a little bit like the past few weeks at Marnie Rae have been a bit...heavy.  In honor of our courage and our dreams let's talk about some happy brain food okay?

I have some voices in my head that aren't necessarily what I would call "friends". In fact I would call them more like The Shitty Committee, Crazy Brain, and Mean Girl.  Back in the day I wasn't really sure how to manage this lovely group of people and even today, some days are better than others.  The great news is that we have resources at our finger tips, a simple click of the keyboard and you can find inspiration, stories, advice, shopping...whatever you need.

So I thought I'd just share a few of the places where I find my happy voices and my strength, and sometimes just a nice distraction.  Maybe they'll help you find some awesome too:)

This is one of my favorites!  These are cool women that inspire us to be brave in so many facets of our life.  From their Daily Truths, to their art classes, to their charity events - these girls have it covered.  Pure awesomeness.

Finally someone who says it like it is.  Parenting is hard and she's not afraid to admit it.  I also love this site because she talks frequently about how much she loves God and she puts it into terms that I can relate to.  Now I am NOT a religious person by any means, just the word Jesus makes me a bit uncomfortable.  I do believe in a Higher Power yet I've had a difficult time reconciling this with "God".  Somehow she makes it clear as a bell.

Here's what she says about her blog, "My blog is a place where I explore the big ideas and little wonders that inspire and challenge me to live and love with my whole heart."  Sounds like part of our community don't ya' think?

Running changed my life and I couldn't have been happier to find these girls.  I love TMI Tuesday on their Facebook page and their training books are like having running conversations with your friends.  And I'll let you in on a little secret, they have been known to make an appearance at the Kingston Adventures Women's Running reTREATS (

This is the very first blog I read, before I ever knew what blogging was.  It's like hanging out with your bff who just so happens to have excellent taste and could organize The Little Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe...with her eyes closed.  Great simple ideas for getting your home organized.  Warning - you will get sucked in by the Before and After photos.

If you have visions of your own business Marie is your gal.  An New Yorker that is smart as a whip and would be your first call for a night out with the girls.  Great entrepreneurial advice.

This is a great place for daydreaming.  Someday I will take one of these trips and I hope I'll have some of my Kind Tribe girls by my side.

Trust me on this one.

Comment below and let me know where you go on the web to find the goods!

With courage and kindness,