On my Soapbox

I have a soapbox. I need to stand on it for a minute.

Kind. In the Marnie Rae dictionary this word is loaded with meaning. If I have used this word to describe someone you can bet that it was given with the utmost sincerity and in a nutshell means that I have been deeply touched, inspired, encouraged, amazed, and in awe of someone.

Kind is a gateway quality in a person. Kind leads to love, to confidence, to inspiration, to motivation, to warmth, to optimism, and so on and so on.

Here’s where I get excited...

When we are kind to people we also attract kindness in return. When people are kind to us, over time it starts to invoke something inside us called hope. Hope is the spark. It’s that little feeling of something stirring inside. Thoughts start to pop up in our mind like “maybe I could…”, or “I wonder what it would be like to…”, or even my favorite “I could never do that”. Do you realize that when you say things like “I could never do that” you have already started the thought process of “I might be able to do that”? Think about it.

So now you’ve got your spark. You’re not sure what it’s about or what you’ll do but you know it’s there. It might not even be there every moment of every day but you’ve noticed a subtle shift in the way you look at things. So you continue to be kind but now you’ve got just a little more pep in your step. And people start to notice. And then weird things start happening…random people appear in your life that make an impact on you, conversations start happening that excite and interest you. Suddenly a book will appear on your radar that hits exactly to your core. You still don’t know what you’re doing but you are sure that the path is being laid for you, stone by stone. Maybe if you keep following the trail of bread crumbs it will lead you somewhere?

And then guess what happens? You find that kind becomes a daily occurrence for you. And the cycle starts all over again. AND in the process you don’t realize what you have done do you? Yes, you’ve started to explore and yes, you’ve started following your path. BUT, you’ve also started to lay the groundwork for other women to do the same. You have INSPIRED. People are watching you. They are feeling your energy. You are setting an example.

“But I haven’t even done anything. I still don’t even know what my dream is” you say. True. But you just confirmed for us all that there is hope. Remember? Hope is the spark! There is a spark in all of us. And you have started the cycle of kindness for all of us too. Now here’s where I get REALLY excited. Hang with me here friends. My fingers are flying on the keyboard now.

You are also setting an example for young women everywhere. Our daughters, our nieces, our friends, the girls in our community. They may not know what it is but I will guarantee you they can feel it. They can feel your energy and your hope. They can feel your kindness. And then maybe they will be kind to the girls in their circle. Maybe they won’t feel the need to bully or judge. MAYBE they will share their dreams which will give others confidence to share theirs. And MAYBE they will create their own community of Kind Dreamers and MAYBE they will believe so strongly in themselves that they will tell the mean girls “SEE YA’, WOULDN’T WANNA BE YA’”. (I know, I just couldn’t help it).

It took me 45 years to figure this out for myself…why are we waiting so long to share this??????


Yes, I just yelled that.

KIND. Be it. Do it. Change the world.

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