Stop the madness of busy

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I despise busy.

Busy is soul-sucking and stressful and a liar.  Busy tells us we are important and productive and needed.  I will have my revenge on busy. Someday I will lounge in my favorite chair with a good book and spend my entire day reading it from start to finish AND I will not feel guilty. Heh.

Can we be done with busy? I don't know if it's possible because let's face it, the s*&t just needs to get done. Doesn't it?  Busy has taken over and it's leaving us feeling tired, stressed, unproductive and uninspired. When will we ever have the time to train for the 1/2 marathon/start a blog/write a book/volunteer/figure out our life?? When?

Let's try trading what's easy (being busy) for doing what's right - for us. It's easy to fall into the busy routine and let's admit it, we feel pretty productive when we get to cross "schedule mammogram" off the list. You did schedule your mammogram didn't you?

It's hard to find another way. It's hard to plan my meals in advance instead of grocery shopping 4x/wk. It's hard to train my kids to unload the dishwasher. It's hard because it's new and it's not following the routine that we could probably do in our sleep.

How about we challenge ourselves to get 'unbusy'? How about we create systems in our life to free up some time and some brain space? Let's use that extra time to do what's right and good for us. Laugh with our kids, go on dates with our spouse, take walks with friends, or REST. 

Rest is what will open the door for growth and creativity. When that happens maybe we'll discover something so amazing that we will want to spend our time doing that instead of being busy.

I found a few life hacks to get our creativity rolling:

  • Put away the phone
  • Plan your meals in advance
  • Leave 1 day/wk open - no commitments
  • Use a master grocery list
  • Ask for help (delegate)
  • Say NO

And just for fun, click here for some scheduling help from Danielle LaPorte.  The best to-do list ever:) 

How about we say YES to things that get us closer to our dreams and NO to things that keep us busy so that we don't have to stop and think about the fact that we don't have a dream?

How are you going to tackle unbusy?  Share your life hacks here, I can use all the help I can get!

With courage and kindness,