The fashion show that wasn't

iStock_000020165045Small Fashion Show

Oh my gosh girls, I just got back from the CAbi Fall Fashion Show and WOW.  What an inspiration.

You might think I'm talking about the clothes (they are VERY chic and cute), but I'm not.

Something you might not know about me, I used to sell CAbi.  I've lost count but I would say it was about 3-4 years ago.  This was part of my "find something for me that makes me happy and feel productive" time in my life.  It was an experiment in looking for something that would make my heart do a happy dance.  While I only sold it for 4 seasons (2 years), I consider it a huge success because of what I learned.  You know that right?  There's no such thing as a failure, they are just learning opportunities.  And most of the time they turn out to be something amazing.

In a nutshell, here are the completely unexpected things that I got from my CAbi selling experience (and some really awesome clothes):

  • I completely got out of my comfort zone, I had to stand up in front of a room of women that I didn't know and SPEAK.  And after the first season I found my groove and guess what, I LIKED IT.
  • I had to introduce myself to strangers, a lot of them, frequently.  And then I had to make conversation with them and get to know them.  If you are an introvert like me, you'll know just how extremely difficult and painful this can be sometimes.  I used to rely on the good ol' glass of wine to help with that, courage in a bottle, but no more - it's just good ol' me.
  • I had to learn to sell things.  I discovered I didn't like this so much.
  • One of my very best friends - she was a guest at a CAbi show.  Because of that meeting I have traveled to new places, my son went to an amazing pre-school/kindergarten, and I found the courage to start my blog.  Love the ripple effect:)
  • The courage to wear the clothes that make me feel like me.  It took some experimenting but as is usual in life, I discovered that my style is my own and it's OKAY.  I believe that what you wear and how you present yourself has a definite effect on how you feel about yourself.

I was so excited to have been invited to the Fall Fashion Show, there is so much energy and excitement there, it's almost impossible not to get caught up in it.  I sat in the crowd and soaked up the music and the energy, I admired the clothes, and I thought and thought and thought about my experience with the company.  I actually think I 'zoned' through some of the show because I had a 'lightbulb moment'.  Here's what I discovered:

  • While all of the tests and my knowledge of myself tell me I'm an introvert, I crave CONNECTION.  Connection with other like-minded women.  Conversations about the things we love, laughter, teaching, learning, and experiences.  And even better, I love connecting other women with experiences and people.
  • I am a sponge for emotion and vibe.  If I walk into a dead room, my spirits deflate and I have a hard time recovering (I had a few shows like this, they were AWFUL).  The same is true if I am surrounded by people who are happy and carry a positive energy.  Which would you prefer?
  • I love learning.  Some of my favorite CAbi experiences were the classes, the newslettters, the training calls...I devour information.
  • Relationships are important to me.  I was more interested in meeting and learning about people.  I think this is why I had a hard time selling, I couldn't figure out how to do it without feeling 'salesy'.  If I could have given it all away for free I would have.

So when I finished my evaluation of my CAbi experience guess what I discovered?  All of the things I love about the CAbi experience I still have - in The Kind Tribe!!!  My heart just did a BIG happy dance:)  I hope you are finding some things in the Kind Tribe that make your heart do a happy dance too.

So what's the point?  I encourage you to evaluate.  Look at the things you love in your life and get down to the core of what you love about them.  See if you can connect the dots between all of them and find a pattern. Really focus on how those things make you feel because when you get right down to it, that's what we're looking for right?  That feeling we get when we've done something awesome.  It's a fun and easy way to start thinking about what it is you want to do to make your heart dance.  And I always encourage you to get out of your comfort zone.  I really can't even put into words how this transforms your thoughts and fills your heart right up. 

Just a disclaimer, this isn't a promotional post for CAbi or their clothes however, if you think fashion or direct sales might be 'your thing' I would be happy to give you my input.  I don't sell for them anymore but I can absolutely share my experience with you if you're interested.

Go get 'em girls:)

With courage and kindness,