The Rules of the Kind Tribe

The Rules of The Kind Tribe  |

Can I just say that you guys are AWESOME? You guys are awesome☺

Together we have created a pretty cool tribe at Marnie Rae. I’m so excited for what the future holds for us. We have such an opportunity to impact people’s lives, people in our families and people in our communities.

I thought it might be time that we talk about the women in this community. What our values are and what is the foundation of our tribe.

I’ve put together a “manifesto” of sorts or Rules of Engagement. I would love your input because after all, this is about you and I together and what we hope to do with our newly formed group of bada$$ women.

The Rules of the Marnie Rae Kind Tribe

#1 This is OUR community.

When we all contribute and share we are opening doors for others to do as well. The amazing thing about inspiration – when you inspire someone it almost always comes full circle. We make a commitment to pay it forward by inviting others to be a part of our community. The more we grow, the greater the ripple of impact. This is a movement of inspiration, of feeding our soul, unleashing our vision, and finding our kind. OUR movement.

#2 We have a common goal.

We are here to challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and DO something. What seems like such a small personal thing actually sends ripples of inspiration and example through our communities. Challenge forces us to dig a little deeper, we find the courage to stand up and stand out, and we find the inspiration to encourage others. All of this leads to IMPACT. We are making an impact.

#3 We’ve got your back.

This is a community intent on supporting and encouraging each other through sharing experiences, learning, and growing. We all know that comes with a little pain, a little frustration, a little overwhelm, and A LOT of excitement. We’ve got your back☺

#4 You have to begin.

Action is required, movement is necessary, trying is doing. The only failure is to never begin. “There is no try, there is only DO or DO NOT” ~Yoda

#5 We always ask WHY.

We get one shot at life so we are here to make it a meaningful one. We always always always ask our why.

#6 We are kind.

Kind to ourselves and kind to others. Just a touch of kindness can move mountains and change the world. Leave negativity and judgment at the door please. We are here to figure out what makes our heart full, our brains happy, and what it is that sometimes keeps us up at night with excitement. That is a unique dream and a unique journey for each and every one of us. “Be silly, be honest, be kind” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

#7 We are experts.

We are all good at something. Share your knowledge.

#8 We honor commitments.

We honor commitments to ourselves and others. We are here to challenge ourselves and to do that we must decide, then commit. We do our best to follow through on our commitments so we can honor our courage and our willingness to give.

#9 We honor giving but we also honor receiving.

Sometimes receiving is the hardest part☺ We have an opportunity here to soak up inspiration, goodness, kindness, encouragement, and love. Receive it with grace and gratitude.

#10 We are fun.

No explanation necessary. We are just plain fun☺

That’s all. Keepin’ it simple. Speaking of simple…I’ve got one last thing for you. We talk a lot here about getting out of our comfort zones and for some of you that might be kite-boarding, running a media conglomerate, or selling a home to Gwyneth Paltrow. If that’s what floats your boat then woohoo! We are here to support you and help you get it done! For others of us, getting out of our comfort zone might be as simple as learning to swim, writing down a dream, or talking to someone at school. The same rules still apply.

Just a reminder☺ I would love your input on our Rules of the Tribe. Anything we need to add? Okay. Nuff said. Go out and be awesome☺