What Do You Want To Know

Question So here’s what I want to know…

What do you want to know?

The whole premise of starting Marnie Rae was to inspire each other by sharing our experiences in DOING. Getting out there and finding the spark and then doing something about it. I feel very fortunate that I found my spark in you girls and this community but here’s what I don’t know – what do you want to do?

I’m meeting so many women and listening to their stories has been crazy fun and a bit emotional. It inspires me so much to hear what they’ve done even if I know it’s probably something I will never do. What I do know is what helps me actually move in the direction I want to go is following in the footsteps of someone who has already gone before me. You want to go back to school to become a nurse? Who better to ask questions of than someone who has (and I’ve got the perfect girl for you!). Maybe you have had enough of your corporate job and are ready to strike out on your own. I’ve got many stories of successful women entrepreneurs.

But I want to know what your dreams are so I can connect you with the story that will get your foot out the door – or in it☺

So help a girl out.

Here are some questions that would really help me with some direction here at Marnie Rae:

What is one big challenge you could use a little inspiration for? What kind of “inspiring woman” story would you like to hear? What part of your story can you share with someone else to inspire them?

You ladies are awesome☺ You can answer the questions below in comments or send me a private message at marnie@marnierae.com. Go do something☺