YES. That's what I'm talkin' about.


It’s spring break here in the Pacific Northwest.  A gentle reminder of the “lazy” days of summer that are on their way.

It’s also the time when you get your quiet time in the bathroom because there is no quiet time.

As we’re all running around with our crazy hats on trying to keep ourselves sane and the kids busy, I hope you’ll stop for a minute and read these snippets of conversation I’ve had with some of our friends at Marnie Rae.  These are women that are putting themselves out there, they are challenging their fears, they are feeding their soul, and they are inspiring us all. And mostly they just really made me smile and say YES. This is what I’m talkin’ about!

I love these comments because you can feel the joy literally through their words.  Sometimes it's a bit easier for us to move forward when we can see and feel the process through someone else.

“I am so scared/excited/anxious/proud its unreal!! Joined a tri club so meeting lots of great people! Found a great coach who is sponsored and competes in national ironman races! I'm completely submerging myself in the tri lifestyle! I haven't felt this good about myself in a long time. Thank you for believing in me!!!!

-From Kate H., new mom of handsome Colton, first time triathlete.

“School has been so much fun. I am loving the cohort and the opportunities (like going to Chihuly's studio in Ballard) that have been available. I am also someone who loves the intellectual challenges so working the brain has been awesome too...even if homework is a challenge.  I don't know what will come of it. I would love a career detour into the museum world, ideally. Sadly, it is a very, very competitive area and I will be going up against people with master's degrees and people who are able to work for free for part time just to "get in." We will see... if nothing else, it is a wonderful experience to add to life!

-From Kari P., single mom of 2 teen boys, lover of nature, and now a Museum Studies student.

"It took me 10 years to get up the nerve to publish my book. I was terrified. Filled with doubt. Will people like the book? Will it bore people to death? What do I have to say? I figured after 10 years I would either follow my dream or quit talking about it. I decided it was finally time. I have no words for the pure thrill from following this dream. To hold my book in my hands. To go on Amazon and read the reviews. To autograph a copy for a friend.  It brings tears to my eyes. There is nothing quite like having a dream come true. I could have let the fear stop me. But I am so glad I didn’t. My life is forever changed by this one decision to simply go for it."

-From Diana Lynn, single mom, entrepreneuress, published author, and super awesome bookkeeper.  You can find her book Pieces of Me: Life of a Recovering Dysfunctional at

"Big changes are ahead for me, both personally and professionally. Personally I'll will be moving in T-35 days and am not entirely sure where. Professionally I'm focusing on branding, website & blog creation for awesome clients like our friend Marnie. Soon I'll be creating a fabulous DIY program that challenges bloggers, and entrepreneurs to discover and express their brand through a captivating online presence. My theme for the next month is "make it happen" no matter what is going on, my biz and life are one in the same so staying healthy and focused in a time that is full of change is my challenge and exciting adventure!"

From Chelsey Marie, branding entrepreneuress, web/blog designer & social media strategist for business owners

"Sometimes in life you stumble upon something so 'meant to be.'  It doesn't always start off feeling like that.  Like a knee injury that forces you to dust of your vintage mountain bike for some exercise in lieu of running that within a few months turns into love for a new sport.  Challenging myself physically and mentally; seeing myself improve; learning about myself, my bike, about trails and what it takes to keep them alive; learning a whole new language (mountain bikers have one I didn't know existed) have all been such amazing experiences.  And even though a good lone mind-clearing ride by myself is nice, what I have really enjoyed is surrounding myself with like-minded, fun, riding friends.  Watching them laugh, enjoying the ride, their encouragement, love for the sport fills me up every time we ride together.  Ride on!!"

-From Lisa C., mom who lost 30 pounds and found herself when she became a runner, now she's a badass guide for women mountain bikers

How do you feel? 

Like you could compete in a triathalon?  Maybe go back to school?  Start a new business?  We have women in our tribe that are doing just these things.  They are paving the way for us.  Let's share the love.  Share the knowledge.  Make the way easier for ourselves and our friends. The resources available for us to tap into here are amazing.

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